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Duval's Children Depend on You

You can make the difference between night and day

Catholic Charities Jacksonville presents a children’s fund that will address only the needs of Duval’s children served within our programs.


Each day at Catholic Charities in downtown Jacksonville, we see the families that come for help - and at the wayside, in a reserved play corner, the children wait. As the stress of finances, housing, wages, jobs and hunger, weigh down the minds and hearts of the adults, it also puts stress or confusion on their children. Catholic Charities wants Jacksonville donors to know that we see this need and we have a way to help unique needs of children.

Your donation will help the children of the families accepting Catholic Charities services to receive clothing, disability remodeling, supplies, tutoring, food, paid babysitting or play therapy.

As the adults mentally navigate life’s trials, the children are at their parent’s feet – not understanding the new circumstances of their world.

Our donors, Bishop and families have spoken, and we have responded with a fund for Duval’s children and the families that are served within Catholic Charities Jacksonville.

Please go fill out the form below to transform the lives of the children.

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