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Camp I Am Special Campers

For the last 38 years, Catholic Charities’ Camp I Am Special – an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited facility - has fostered and celebrated the quality of life for children, teenagers, and adults with intellectual and developmental differences.


While those with intellectual and developmental differences may have limited opportunities to grow in independence, our Campers can choose to participate in numerous daily activities that allow them to take risks, stretch their abilities and enjoy the company of others. Some of those activities include hayrides, crafts, adaptive sports and yoga, and spending time with friends at The Rotary Club of Deerwood Abigail’s Joy Camp I Am Special Aquatic Center.


The newly-constructed pool and shaded pavilion provide approximately 2,450 square feet of sensory stimuli including, bubblers and fountains, an ADA-compliant gradual pool entrance, and floats of all shapes and sizes. Campers are free to enter the water at their own pace, and water walkers and water wheelchairs are always available for those needing assistance.  

In addition to the pool, the recently added Chartrand Family Camp I Am Special Playground offers a multiple wheelchair-accessible rocker, multi-person swings, and an intergenerational swing that helps children and adults develop connections. 


Personalized care allows us to welcome individuals with specific needs and challenges including:

  • Angelman Syndrome

  • Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Autism

  • Barrett’s Esophagus

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

  • Chromosome Abnormality

  • Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

  • Developmentally/Globally Delayed

  • Down Syndrome

  • Dysmorphic Syndrome


  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • Muscular Dystrophy

  • Pervasive Development Disorder

  • Prader/Willi Syndrome

  • Secondary Emotional Disorder

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction

  • Small Brain Syndrome

  • Spina Bifida

  • Static Encephalopathy

  • Tourette syndrome

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

  • Other developmental and unique abilities

What are the demographics of Camp I Am Special Campers?

Each summer, we are able to serve more than 238 Campers ages of 5 and up. While most of our campers live in Florida, we do serve many Campers from nearby states and we welcome Campers who live both near and far! 

*In order to ensure the safety of our Campers and staff, we will evaluate the need to limit the applicant pool to be from Florida and Georgia to apply for in-person sessions.  A formal decision regarding 2021 applications will be announced soon. 



How do I become a Camp I Am Special Camper?

In our efforts to be fair to all applicants, we do not process applications on a first-come basis. Instead, our focus is on ensuring that our Camper population is evenly distributed, specifically in regards to cognitive age and intensity of each disability. Our Camper application process plays a vital role in achieving that goal. To apply please go to our Apply Here page. ​


Due to various circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, applications

for Summer 2021 are delayed until further notice. 


Residential Camp

This 6-day program provides all the fun of an overnight camp experience in a serene environment.

Camp I Am Special- mini camp logo draft.


This holiday program provides Christmas themed fun, visit with Santa Claus

 and much more.


Day Camp

This daytime program provides life skill training, arts & craft times and much more.


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Super Saturdays

Spend a fun-filled day at Camp on special days throughout the year.



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