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A Story of Survival, Bravery, and Kindness

This is the story if the Ivanov family, who fled their home in Ukraine due to the unspeakable horrors of war. It's a situation none of us can truly understand unless we've lived it- an experience that is as heartbreaking as it is hard. 

Imagine, if you can, leaving everything you know behind, traveling to an unfamiliar land, carrying the weight of the past and the uncertainty of the future. Their arrival to the United States began a new chapter. It is filled with mixed emotions- fear of the unknown, relief at reaching safety, and sadness for those left behind. 

Today, the Ivanov family have a home. They're safe, secure, and slowly rebuilding their lives. This transformation has been made possible because of the support of compassionate people- like you.


Your investment has the power to transform so many lives in the community. Your contributions can help support refugees on their difficult journeys, and help feed our seniors, students, and military in the community, and also help those dealing with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be successful in their daily lives. 

Together, we can write more stories of hope and resilience. You are the real heroes behind these stories of hope and change. Now, let us ask you a question... Would you be the hero in the next chapter of someone else's story?

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