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The Duval’s Kids' Fund, inspired by the beloved mascot of Catholic Charities Jacksonville, Duval, the donkey, is a beacon of hope for children in Northeast Florida. Established with a heartfelt commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of our community, this fund is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children in the region.

Duval’s Kids' Fund believes that children have access to essential resources, opportunities, medical care, mental health access, and support to thrive. By channeling funds into programs that directly impact children, this fund focuses on making a tangible difference in the lives of children, fostering their growth, well-being, and future success. By empowering children, the fund transforms their lives and cultivates a stronger and more resilient community for generations to come.

Join us in supporting Duval’s Kids' Fund and be part of the positive change that impacts the lives of children in Northeast Florida. Together, we can create a brighter future for our youth, one filled with hope, opportunity, and endless possibilities.

Once upon a time, in the colorful town of Jacksonville, there was a donkey named Duval. Duval was very special because he had a gift for helping people. He lived at a place called Catholic Charities Jacksonville, where they loved and cared for him.

Duval loved children, especially those who were facing tough times. He knew how to make them feel better. Duval would go and lay next to them when they felt sad or worried. He reminded them that they were strong and could overcome any challenge.

But Duval did more than just comfort children. He also helped them make friends and support each other. He believed that when people work together, they can do amazing things. Duval showed the children the power of friendship and how it can bring joy and strength.

Duval taught the children about their inner strength. He told them that they have a special power inside them that can help them through difficult times. It doesn't matter where they come from or what they look like. What matters is what's inside their hearts.

Duval also introduced the children to different cultures and traditions. He showed them that even though people may be different on the outside, they are all the same on the inside. He taught them about love, kindness, and understanding.

Duval's kindness and the values of Catholic Charities inspired everyone in the town. They saw how Duval made a difference and wanted to do the same. Duval became a symbol of hope and love, and his legacy continued to shine brightly.

Duval, the magical donkey, never stopped helping others. He brought people together, showed them their inner strength, and filled their hearts with hope. He taught everyone that no matter their challenges, they can always find joy and happiness by being kind and caring.

And so, Duval's story became a beloved tale in the town of Jacksonville and beyond. Children learned from him that they have the power to make the world a better place. They were inspired by Duval to be compassionate and to believe in themselves.

And they lived happily ever after, just like Duval, the magical donkey.

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