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…And Then There Were Four

Earlier this year, Maggie’s husband died unexpectedly. In better times, Maggie was pursuing her education, but now grief-stricken and suddenly a single mother raising three children, Maggie needed a full-time job to support her family.

Maggie found a job – but it didn’t provide her with enough income to support herself, her children and her home. Maggie made the decision to move into Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-sponsored housing. Although this tough choice allowed her to put away a few extra dollars each month, the family still fell behind on their JEA bill. This threatened the stability of their housing voucher with HUD.

Maggie tried diligently to make ends meet.

Then two of her children became ill. The school requested that she keep them at home until they were well enough to return. Maggie used her benefit of paid time-off to stay home with her children. Within a week, Maggie became sick as well.

Unfortunately, being new to her job, Maggie was only eligible for a limited amount of paid-time off. She went a full week with no income.

In May – feeling defeated and hopeless - Maggie came to Catholic Charities for help. Recognizing the stress that she had been through since her husband’s death and her desperate need for relief, our caseworker was able to help Maggie with payment of her outstanding JEA bill. Catholic Charities was also able to help the family with groceries from its food pantry. Maggie received the helping hand she needed and was able to put what money she did have, toward other household expenses that had also fallen behind. With assistance from Catholic Charities, Maggie and her young children would remain stably housed.

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