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Camp Trivia - July 22, 2021

Today we want to see how much you know about Camp. Take a look at our Camp-related Trivia Questions below and see how many you can get. You can submit your guesses/answers in the comments or send us an email at Try to answer as many as you can and you will be entered to win a prize! ✨

  1. What year did Camp start?

  2. How many Camp Leaders did we have in the year 2011?

  3. What summer did the new playground pop up?

  4. How many Nurses are at camp during the camp week?

  5. How many grilled cheese sandwiches has Uncle Jim made at camp?

  6. What year did we get our new pool?

  7. How many Buddies volunteer in the summer?

  8. What county is Camp in?

  9. What is the name of the song we sing before meals?

  10. Name an item used in the sensory room?

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