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Congratulations to the Workforce Development Class of January 2019

January Graduates

Join us in congratulating our Workforce Development class that completed the week long intensive course Friday, February 1.

The Workforce Development program offers job-readiness training, interview and computer skills training, resume/cover letter assistance and job referrals for low-income, unemployed or underemployed adults.

We tailor our services to the needs of each client in our program. Whether it be through one-on-one coaching or creating a personal career plan, our program is unique in the job training arena.

The class of eight graduates will now join us during our weekly job hunts to secure a position that is perfect for them. During the job hunts we will offer support and resources to find the best networks and tools to apply for positions and to secure interviews.

One graduate, wrote us a thank you note stating, "I just would like to take a moment to say thank you for everything! I'm going do my best to validate your work and make you proud. This week has definitely gotten me out of my slump that I was in, I now feel full of life and very confident".

Our next Workforce Development Job-Readiness Class will be offered on February 25, 2019 – March 1, 2019. If you are interested in participating in the class, call 904-900-7943 ext 1204 for a pre-screening and to schedule an assessment as soon as possible!

Donations to Catholic Charities Workforce Development Program helps us make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. No matter the amount, your gift will help those who need it most.

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