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Continuing to Pick Up Pieces After Hurricane Irma

Catherine Redmond and her family were referred to Catholic Charities preceding the storm that wreaked havoc on their lives. Catherine’s home, like so many others, had been severely damaged by Hurricane Irma. A Catholic Charities caseworker visited the Redmond home to determine just how harshly Hurricane Irma had affected their living situation. A fallen tree damaged their deck, roof, and interior walls, along with many personal items inside the home.

Unfortunately, when Irma rolled through Jacksonville the Redmond's had neither homeowner’s insurance nor had they received enough financial support from FEMA to fully restore their living situation. Mr. and Mrs. Redmond both live on a fixed income, while Mrs. Redmond is currently under hospice care.

Storm water from Irma caused substantial damage to the decking, which made entering the home dangerous for Mrs. Redmond as she has an extremely difficult time walking. She asked if her deck could be repaired or replaced and, if possible, have a ramp built onto it.

We were able to help provide the Redmond family with the deck and ramp, as well as much needed repairs to the home. The wheelchair ramp allows Mrs. Redmond to get out of her home, going to the mailbox, shopping and otherwise enjoying an active life. She has freedom that she had not in months.

Our caseworker had the opportunity to sit with the Redmond's and look at pictures of the reconstruction with the family. Mrs. Redmond shared with us that words cannot express the gratitude felt by her and her family: “I want to thank Catholic Charities for your involvement in serving our community, and the needs of individuals like me.”

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