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Create A Craft - July 7, 2021

Today we are going to do some fun Firework Art! This might get a little messy so be sure to look at the supply list below. And don't forget to post pictures of your artwork for a chance to win a Camp I Am Special prize. 🎆



  • Black construction paper

  • Table salt

  • White Glue

  • Watercolors

  • Cookie sheet (something to catch salt )


  • Lay your black construction paper on a cookie sheet so the salt does not get all over the place.

  • Draw out your design with glue.

  • Sprinkle salt over the glue before it dries. Apply generously!

  • Shake off excess salt onto your tray.

  • Get watercolors really wet and lightly paint onto the salt.

  • Let your artwork dry completely.

  • Share pictures with us below in the comments section.

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