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Program Collaboration Supports Recovery and Battles Homelessness

Several months ago, Recara and her three children became homeless. She was able to get into a treatment program, which equipped her to overcome the primary adversity destroying her life. Recara then began the Catholic Charities Workforce Development program, so that she could build the skills necessary to find employment capable of supporting herself and her family.

She was nearing the end of her treatment and needed long-term housing. Recara was able to get through to 2-1-1 and secure a referral for rent assistance; unfortunately, Recara did not have a place to move into at the time. She was able to work with one of our Emergency Assistance caseworkers who provided Recara with several contacts for landlords that might be willing to work with her. The Emergency Assistance Director approved her case to be held for 30 days to allow Recara time to find new housing and complete her treatment.

Recara maintained weekly contact with her caseworker. Through her participation in Workforce Development she was able to secure employment, as well as secure housing through the contacts provided by her caseworker. As a result of the two programs assisting her collaboratively, Recara has been able to remain stably housed.

With peace of mind, knowing that her housing is secure, Recara can focus on family and continue to repair her life.

The Emergency Financial Assistance Program (EA) is a recognized and proven way to prevent homelessness in Jacksonville. Our program serves those in our community who are struggling to pay utility bills, rent/mortgage payments or need food assistance. By aiding them with these basic needs, we ensure they can stay safely in their homes.

For emergency financial assistance, please call United Way. Dial 2-1-1 or (904) 632-0600

Our work would not be possible without support from donors and volunteers. A gift of your time or money will make a lasting difference.  Your donation to Catholic Charities helps us make a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve, like Recara. No matter the amount, your gift will help those who need it most.

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