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Immigrating to the United States with the Support of Catholic Charities

Beleni arrived to the United States in December 2012, after fleeing Ethiopia. She lived in Sudan for several years and was able to relocate to America due to a petition filed by her US-citizen father.

Because she was immigrating as the daughter of a US Citizen, she had to leave her infant child under the care of her aunt. In April 2015, her daughter arrived to the United States, and on May, 24, 2018, with the support of Catholic Charities Jacksonville - Immigration Legal Services, Beleni became a US Citizen.

Reuniting families and providing affordable immigration legal services

The Immigration program, recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ), provides affordable, fee-based services to individuals by or under the supervision of a DOJ accredited representative to renew their Green Cards or employment authorization cards, file family petitions and help immigrants find a path to citizenship.​

To learn more about our immigration legal services or how we can help, contact us by email,

To schedule an appointment call, 904-354-5904, ext. 1

For questions regarding your case contact either: 

Iraida M. Martinez, Program Director, 904-354-5904, extension 4 

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