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In Their Own Words: Aisha & Zahra

In search of a safe place to live, Aisha and her twin sister, Zahra, along with their parents and six siblings arrived in Jacksonville from their home county of Afghanistan last January.

The eldest of the eight children, Aisha and Zahra, being 18 years old, agreed to work, along with their father, Mujib, to help bring in enough income to help support their large family of ten. The only request made by Aisha and Zahra, who are high-school graduates, was to try and find a job that would allow them time to attend English classes. Their wish came true! With the assistance of a Catholic Charities Match Grant Job Developer, both girls secured part-time jobs at McDonald’s as crew members preparing food orders. The McDonald’s was conveniently located only two blocks away from their home. Both Aisha and Zahra are very happy with their jobs and look forward to pursuing their education and remaining viably employed.

These are the faces of our neighbors and those that Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services stand in solidarity to defend. Learn how to make your voices heard to the people who can affect change.

Learn more about your local refugee resettlement agencies and the steps you can take to show your government representatives why refugees should be welcomed in our country.

Connect directly with your representatives here:

#RiseForRefuge #SaveRefugeeResettlement

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