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In Their Own Words: Moon Ja a Refugee from Burma

I had to leave my country because of a civil war.  My parents were killed there and I ran away with my brother.  I always wanted to go to school and I thought about it a lot when I was working in Malaysia from the age of thirteen until I was seventeen.  I worked twelve hour days in clothing stores, noodle shops, and also sold orchids. 

When I found out that I was to be resettled in America it was like a dream come true.  First, I was sent to Houston Texas.  There I went to Sharpstown High School for my first year of school.  I got very good grades in my classes and made the A, B honor roll every quarter.  Then I moved to Jacksonville Florida to live with my Aunt.  I have been attending Bartram Trail High School for my senior year and I just graduated from High School.  I was given the Brooke J. LaDue, the Elks and Assist scholarships.  I have been accepted into the Pre-Nursing Program at the University of North Florida and I will begin attending school this summer.  After I achieve my goal of becoming a registered nurse, I hope to help people coming from similar situations achieve their goals of a safe and happy life.

Learn more about your local refugee resettlement agencies and the steps you can take to show your government representatives why refugees should be welcomed in our country.

Connect directly with your representatives here:

#RiseForRefuge #SaveRefugeeResettlement

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