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In Their Own Words: Vahab, Iranian Refugee from Turkey

When I first came to America one year ago I went to summer school, but I missed too many days. I began school at Englewood High School, but I didn’t feel welcome and I began missing days there too. Catholic Charities Jacksonville helped me enroll at Foundations Academy. There they welcomed me and helped me catch up in all of my classes. I loved school there. I also joined Evans Rowing Team. There I was able to exercise after school with my team, in a competitive environment. I was even honored by my coach when he gave me the team spirit and potential award. With the help from my Catholic Charities Jacksonville caseworker, I also secured a job working as a counselor in training for the YMCA. I am happy now and looking forward to next year when school starts again and I can row in many races. I love math and I want to study engineering in college.

Join Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities Jacksonville to stand in solidarity with refugees and learn how to make your voices heard to the people who can affect change.

Learn more about your local refugee resettlement agencies and the steps you can take to show your government representatives why refugees should be welcomed in our country.

Connect directly with your representatives here:

#RiseForRefuge #SaveRefugeeResettlement

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