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Providing Hope and Light

When Carrie’s mother died, she knew that her father and two, much-younger brothers would need guidance and love to help them heal. But in 2018 when their father was diagnosed with a rapidly-debilitating disease and living in hospice care within weeks, Carrie wasn’t sure how she and her brothers would survive.

Although she had tried many times, Carrie had difficulty keeping a steady job due to lingering intellectual disabilities. Although her skills were limited, and she had a small disability allowance, Carrie knew she had to continue to watch over her younger brothers and keep the family intact. With nowhere left to turn, Carrie reached out to Catholic Charities Jacksonville.

With Catholic Charities help, Carrie was able to pay the family’s overdue JEA bill, allowing them to remain safe in their home. The family was also provided with much-needed items to help make the holidays brighter for the young family.

To support clients like Carrie, consider making a donation to Catholic Charities Jacksonville, you can do so by visiting our page at

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