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Getting Clients Back to Work with Employer Partners

Our Workforce Development Program puts a huge emphasis on developing relationships with workforce partners to help our clients get back to work! After our course, our program team and partners help to secure client interviews as well as job offers!

One such partner, Tina Miller with the City of Jacksonville, has been instrumental in getting our clients back to work. She not only volunteers to support the program she also communicates open positions to our team! Thank you for the support you give to help our clients find positions.

In a recent note to the team, Tina recognizes the work of our program where she said, "I wanted to say to you and your team what a rewarding experience it was to meet and interview the two Workforce Development clients today. I was very impressed with each of the clients and would have hired both of them for COJ jobs. I shared our website with both clients and encouraged them to use our email job feature “job interests cards”. This is a great tool on our website that allows candidates to sign up for emails that are sent to them automatically when we post a job in the categories they choose. It is easy to use and we encourage everyone to sign up for it. I’m proud to be on the Advisory Council and I look forward to our continued partnership with Catholic Charities and COJ." - Tina Miller

If you are interested in becoming a workforce development partner or volunteer for our program, please call 904.900.7943 ext. 1204.

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