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Refugees Develop a Friendship in the USA

A newly-arrived family from Afghanistan was placed in an apartment near a Congolese family - and the resulting friendship between the families is a perfect example of how quickly refugees acclimate to their new homes, and how freely they share this knowledge with others. The mother of the Congolese family showed the mother of the Afghan family how to use public transportation to go to the resettlement office, ESOL classes, and the doctor's office. The women are both still learning English, but they find a way to communicate - demonstrating "when there's a will, there's a way"!

Looking for a way to get involved in our refugee program? Our work to assist refugee families resettle in the United States would not be possible without support from donors and volunteers. A gift of your time or money will make a lasting difference for those  who need it most, even our newly arrived refugee families.  We make it easy for you to support them in this new way of life can help! If you are interested in helping us by assisting us with cultural orientations weekly in our office, become a volunteer. Contact our Development Specialist, Cheryl Estevez at or call her at 904-354-4846 ext 269 to make a difference today.

Consider a donation to assist our program to be successful in welcoming refugee families call Jacksonville their new home.