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Thank you Catholic Charities for a New Life

I never imagined my son and I would be victims of domestic violence. I had a good relationship, a job and a nice home.

But it did happen, and I learned that people take sides - even when they know they’re wrong.

And my son and I were homeless – just like that.

We took what little we had and moved to a local homeless shelter. I completed paperwork, I made phone calls, and I searched for hope in our desperate situation.

Hope came to us in the form of Catholic Charities.

They helped me pay the first month’s rent on an apartment, gave us furniture and included us as part of Share Your Blessings – their holiday assistance program for families in need. My son would have Christmas after all, and little by little the desperation that had gripped me, seemed to loosen its hold.

My son and I are tremendously grateful for your help, your constant encouragement and your work to preserve our dignity.

Thank you.

Ms. Johnston

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