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The Gift Of Immigration Legal Services Builds A Family

Enrique arrived in the United States after fleeing from the poverty caused by many years of civil distress in El Salvador.

He crossed the border in 1999, when he was 16 years old. He worked many odd jobs trying to survive. In 2001 he applied for TPS (Temporary Protected Status) which was granted to all Salvadorians living in the USA at the time due to the devastation from a series of earthquakes that occurred in 2001.

Every eighteen months Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services applied for the renewal of his TPS status since the designation was continuously extended by the Federal Government. In 2014 he met his now-wife Lucy at work. Lucy’s journey to the United States was similar to Enrique’s. Lucy escaped Burma, and for many years lived in a refugee camp.

In 2016 Enrique and Lucy were married and along with her daughter became a family. They later added two boys. In 2019 Enrique applied for his Permanent Status which was granted last July.

For support or legal services you may need, please contact us:

Iraida M. Martinez, Program Director, 904-354-5904, extension 4 or

​Amarilis Rigal, Immigration Counselor, 904-354-5904, extension 3

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