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Traveling Distances to Serve Others

Abby Alsop came from Boise, Idaho for the second time to volunteer as a Buddy. Hearing about camp from a vlog Fathering Autism, Abby reached out to us. Her fist year she knew no one in Jacksonville. Her home over 2,500 miles away from camp she comes to provide one- to-one care for a camper. Knowing no one from Jacksonville, her parents worked with members of our local catholic churches to pick her up from the airport and drive her to camp & back. Angie Wingert, Camp Manager collected items here so she would not need to bring so much coming all the way from Boise (sheets- towels- pillows – comforter).

Last year, her Camper was Evie. Evie is 17 years old and loves to dance, they became great friends. She keeps in touch with Evie since leaving camp in 2018.

For this past super summer, Abby signed up again to be a Buddy. She raised the funds to travel to Camp I Am Special from Boise. Last year she had made friends at Camp, so this year a fellow Buddy picked her up from the airport made sure she made it back for her returning flight. This summer she was a Buddy to Chloe. Chloe is 12 years old who loves to swim and really enjoyed playing on the new Chartrand Family Camp I Am Special Playground.

After doing research on camps who support those with unique abilities and fostered her catholic faith, Camp I Am Special was the perfect choice for her.

Abby enjoys attending mass during her camp week. Abby has not only developed Camper friendships, she has gained friends who are fellow Buddies. We are very glad that Abby was one of our 240 Buddies who helped make camp super fun this summer. Because of her volunteer experience, Abby hopes to explore a career work that support those with different abilities!

If you would like to learn more about Camp I Am Special send us an email at You can support Camp I Am Special to offer a summer camp experience for children, teenagers and adults who are challenged by physical, emotional and mental disabilities make a donation today!

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