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Veteran On The Brink of Homelessness

A 62-year-old veteran came to the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) looking for assistance staying in his home. After being furloughed from his employment due to the coronavirus pandemic he was facing eviction. After being introduced to the SSVF program, the veteran received assistance to pay outstanding rent and utility bills.

Currently up to date on his monthly housing responsibilities, the client veteran is now self-sufficient. Additionally, he has received referrals from the SSVF program to search for housing that caters to seniors with a fixed income. The SSVF program saved him from becoming homeless and has offered him hope for the future.

Thanks to our partnership with Changing Homelessness, Catholic Charities Jacksonville are able to provide supportive services for low or very low-income Veterans and Veteran families who are homeless, at-risk of losing housing, or residing in, or transitioning to permanent housing. Services that are provided include:

  • Case Management

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Legal Services

  • Housing Counseling Services

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Job Counseling Services

  • Moving Assistance

  • Temporary Financial Assistance

  • Referral to Other Agency or Area Resources

To be screened for this program, please call 904-638-2112 or 866-367-7783.

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