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Working together to prevent homelessness in Jacksonville

The Emergency Financial Assistance Program (EA) is a recognized and proven way to prevent homelessness in Jacksonville. Our program serves those in our community who are struggling to pay utility bills, rent/mortgage payments or need food assistance. By aiding them with these basic needs, we ensure they can stay safely in their homes.

We are proud to be members of Mayor Lenny Curry's Downtown Homelessness Task Force. We along with partner agencies worked hard this past year to help bring the homeless number in Duval County down. According to new data, there were 1,640 homeless persons in 2018. In 2019 that number decreased to 1,494. In a recent press release, Mayor Lenny Curry stated,

"My task force, along with innovative ideas like the Urban Rest Stop that opened just three months ago are having a profound impact on the lives of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. We are very pleased with the decrease and we are looking forward to watching the numbers continue to decline.”

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