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World Refugee Day

On December 4, 2000 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution designating June 20th of each year as World Refugee Day. Locally, World Refugee Day is an opportunity to recognize the contributions refugees make to their communities and to honor the courage and determination of those who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence.

One of the goals of our World Refugee Day celebration is to introduce prominent civic, religious, and community leaders to the many community, faith-based, and governmental organizations and agencies who serve refugees in our community. Refugees are an integral part of our community and contribute to our economy Most of the refugees in our community come from Cuba, Haiti, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Burma. This year we aim to highlight the diverse contributions Duval and the surrounding counties have benefited from by the refugee community.

The event will include a ceremony honoring individuals and community organizations who have dedicated their time and resources to support refugee families. During this event, a variety of activities are planned for participants and community organizations will be showcasing services available to families.

We look forward to your participation in this important and fun filled community event. Should you have any questions and/or to RSVP, please contact me by phone at (904-955-5677.) or email at

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