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Camp I Am Special
Aquatic Center Amenities

  • Approximately 2,450 square feet of space that includes water features 

  • Social Steps

  • ADA accessible "zero-entry" graduated access

  • Shaded pavilions

  • ADA accessible restrooms

  • Heated water option*

Reserve Our Aquatic Center for Your Event

Catholic Charities’ Camp I Am Special Aquatic Center is the natural choice for your next event. From field trips and graduation celebrations to birthday parties and youth retreats, our location ensures a fun and relaxing experience for any group. And with affordable rates that go on to fund a great cause, your gathering will mean even more for our community.

Enjoy Accessible Amenities for All

Groups of all ages and abilities will enjoy the spacious, pristine pool at the Camp I Am Special Aquatic Center. Our heated* pool is fully-ADA-accessible and can accommodate up to 65 swimmers. Its newly renovated design also features “zero-entry” graduated access and social steps so that guests can easily sit, stand or swim as they savor sunny moments spent with friends.

The Catholic Charities’ Camp I Am Special Aquatic Center facility offers approximately 2,450 square feet of space that includes sensory stimuli such as bubblers and fountains, ADA-accessible restrooms and shaded pavilion areas for guest use. Our grounds offer the perfect combination of fun and relaxation – so whether you plan to splash and play or sunbathe all day, it’s an ideal retreat for your entire group.

Choose a Rental that Gives Back

One of the best parts about renting our Aquatic Center is that 100% of all rental fees go toward supporting our mission. For the past 38 years, Catholic Charities’ Camp I Am Special – an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited facility – has enriched the quality of life for children, teenagers, and adults with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs).

Our summer programs give individuals of all abilities the opportunity to participate in activities that allow them to take risks, stretch their limits and enjoy the company of others. These activities include hayrides, crafts, adaptive sports and yoga, and spending time with friends at the Aquatic Center.


Campers who use our Aquatic Center experience greater ease of movement with less pain, enhance social skills through group play and peer activities and learn pool safety.

Every rental of the Aquatic Center goes toward the approximately $1,400 it costs to support a week of camp for one person with an IDD – so your Aquatic Center event is effectively helping to fund a scholarship that will help a Camper enjoy a life-changing experience at Camp I Am Special.



$100 for ½ day  |  9a.m.-1p.m. or 2p.m.-6p.m. any Monday-Thursday

$200 for a full day  |  9a.m.-6p.m. any Monday-Thursday

$150 for ½ day  |  9a.m.-1p.m. or 2p.m.-6p.m. any Friday-Sunday or holiday

$300 for a full day  |  9a.m.-6p.m. any Friday-Sunday or holiday

Times may be adjusted seasonally. Prices above do not include mandatory damage deposit, insurance and lifeguard fees listed below, nor optional pool heating costs.

To obtain a rental contract for review, please call our office
at 904-230-7447
or email

DAMAGE DEPOSIT: $250.00. The damage deposit must be received in order to reserve the facility on the calendar. Damage deposits must be received no later than 10 business days prior to the rental period. Damage deposits must be in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card. The deposit will be processed upon receipt in order to secure the rental date; however, it will be returned in the form of a check within two weeks following the rental time frame provided the inspection of the facilities post-rental is satisfactory. If paid by cash or check, deposit will be returned upon post-event closing inspection. If paid by credit card, deposit will be subject to a $15 processing fee before being refunded. 

INSURANCE: All non-Diocesan group rentals must provide proof of insurance coverage for the rental period in order to hold their requested date(s). Insurance rates vary per group size and rental date. Insurance can be purchased through our facility and must be paid in two installments 14 days prior to use: a $105-$170 event insurance cost and a post-approval $160 (approximately) liability insurance cost. Catholic Center approved Diocesan groups are automatically covered by the facility’s insurance. 

LIFEGUARDS: The rental party must provide a lifeguard with one lifeguard required for every 25 swimmers. For your convenience, our facility has a list of approved lifeguards to contact that range in availability and price. You may use your own lifeguard if you prefer, but the lifeguard’s certification must be provided 14 days prior to use.

*HEATED WATER OPTION: Rental groups have the option of paying to have the water heated. The pool is equipped with two propane gas heaters; either or both may be reserved for operation by the Aquatic Center staff in advance of the rental period. The cost to heat the pool will be based on the number of cubic feet of propane gas needed multiplied by the current selling price of our supplier. Heater gas meter(s) will be recorded before and after the heating period in order to determine the amount used. Please inquire for further details or current rates.

All photos provided by St. Augustine Catholic/Scott Smith.

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