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Catholic Charities Prepares to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees to Northeast Florida

Our refugee resettlement team is preparing to welcome dozens of Ukrainian families to Northeast Florida who recently became refugees due to the conflict in their home country. Lori Weber, regional director of Catholic Charities Jacksonville, shared the following message to announce our agency's humanitarian support:

"Thousands of years ago, according to the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus told his disciples the parable of how God will ultimately identify the righteous in his flock telling them, 'I was a stranger and you invited me in.' It is in this spirit that Catholic Charities Jacksonville is now dedicated to helping vulnerable refugees fleeing to escape the violence of the ongoing Russian invasion in their home country of Ukraine. This complex and difficult work often involves comforting and supporting fragile and bewildered survivors. Case managers, trainers and job developers help them learn English, find work, and make a new home. Catholic Charities Jacksonville is working diligently to ensure we’re ready to resettle as many Ukrainian refugees as possible, as quickly as possible. We will be there to welcome these strangers with open arms and provide them with what they need to restart their lives and become self-sustaining members of our Northeast Florida community. Please consider supporting our efforts in this crucial mission of mercy. We cannot accomplish it without the invaluable support of our community."

Lori Weber Regional Director Catholic Charities Jacksonville

Please visit and bookmark our Ukrainian refugee resettlement page to stay informed.



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