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Why is camp virtual this summer?

Given the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated risks, we had to make the difficult decision in January before of registration process began to cancel all in-person residential and day camp sessions for Catholic Charities Camp I Am Special for summer 2021. Our team has worked diligently to develop a robust virtual summer camp to offer our Campers, Buddies and anyone who like to become friends of Camp I Am Special.

When will I be able to stay at Catholic Charities - Camp I Am Special for a residential or day camp experience? 

We are currently working and planning to host Camper’s summer in 2022. 

When will I receive my free promotional item?

We plan to send promotional items out by the end of June and throughout the summer. You will receive an email when your item is on its way. 


How many times can I watch my favorite video on the virtual cam hub?

Registered members have access to all the content and you may watch as much as you wish. 


Who is eligible to sign up for Catholic Charites Camp I Am Special Virtual Camp 2021?

Virtual Camp is for everyone regardless of age or ability.  We have structured our content to flow similarly to how we do activities at CIAS.  At CIAS our programing combines both life and social skills into our activities. 



When can we start to register for Super Saturday’s and December Day Camps?

We hope to have an update soon, for updates be sure to check our website, for the latest information.  We are currently planning to have the 2022 registration process for Campers, Buddies, Leaders and Staff open in mid-January 2022


When did Camp I Am Special get started?

Camp was founded in 1983, with the late Bishop John Snyder starting a ministry to help those with disabilities.  Since then, camp has had many names including: Disability Ministry, Camp Care, Camp Promise, Camp I Am Special.  In 2012, the Diocese made the decision to provide Camp as a main program offered through the Catholic Charities Jacksonville Regional Office.  



How old to you need to be to participate as a Camper when Camp I Am Special has day and residential camps?

Campers are permitted to start attending our program at the age 5.  For more details on Campers please visit

How can I find out more information about Camp I am Special and ways to volunteer as a Buddy?

To learn more about how you can get involved in Camp, please visit or email us at

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